Advocacy For Quality Education in Kenya

The overall goal of this project is to advocate for policy measures to improve the quality of education in Kenya. Quality of education in Kenya has been measured for years through the number of children who perform well in national examinations after eight years of primary school education and after four years of secondary education. However, recent years have seen mass failures of students in both primary and secondary national examinations.

The project commenced by carrying out a baseline survey on the perspectives of citizens on the quality of education in the country between January and May 2019. Furthermore, education experts were solicited to carry out in-depth research and write technical papers focusing on quality education during the same period of time. The findings from the survey and the research papers highlighted three major factors that affect quality of education in the country. These include:-

  • Lack of active engagement between parents and their children 
  • Inequalities in provision of teaching and learning facilities in schools
  • Inadequate emphasis on teaching of values in schools through audio visual teaching and learning aids.

In order to directly involve children, the aspect related to enhancement of teaching of values through the use of audio visual teaching and learning aids in the advocacy programme will be piloted in 2 selected schools in Nairobi. The children will be involved in producing audio-visuals, post-cards, paintings or other art performances as resources for advocacy for quality education.