Civic Engagement

The overall goal of Social and Economic Justice for Young People in and out of School is “To develop young people of integrity, who are creative and innovative, have an entrepreneurial spirit, participate in political and electoral processes in a responsible manner, and are role models in their homes, schools, work places and communities. The focus will be on young people in the 15-30 years age bracket”.

JHC will pursue the following five objectives in this area:

  1. Strengthen the resilience of young people to resist radicalization and avoid violence.
  2. Facilitate activities that promote creation of gainful economic opportunities for young people out of school
  3. Advocate among policy makers for greater awareness on need to support youth from poor backgrounds.
  4. Enhanced global inter connectivity, information sharing and broadening of knowledge among the youth
  5. Facilitate global sharing and learning for young people in different parts of the world.

Policy and Governance Environment

The overall goal of Policy and Governance Environment that Supports Dignified Lives for Smallholder Farmers is “To contribute to the establishment of policy and governance environment that promote dignified lives for smallholder farmers and other vulnerable groups in selected areas”.

The objective JHC will pursue in this area is to advocate for just local and global policies to protect small holder farmers.

Social and Economic Justice

The overall goal of Civic Engagement to Promote Good Governance Systems and Processes is “To contribute through civic knowledge and education to encourage citizen’s engagement with governance systems to promote integrity, transparency and accountability by elected leaders”.

JHC will pursue the following three objectives in this area: (a) Strengthen the capacity of church leadership and select CSOs in each country in the region to engage in credible electoral processes, (b) Undertake advocacy on electoral integrity processes in the region, and (c) Promote effective public participation in governance processes.